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        Hsiang Sang Carbon Enterprise keeps developing kinds of graphite products to accumulate more experience since 1980 when she was established and we provide for the demand of design, maintenance and purchasing in industry.

        There are various kinds of carbonized products. To reach the purpose of long term using and of smooth operation and to prevent machine from interrupting working, repairing, it is a must to adopt material of good quality, and such target is also what industry of all ranks look for. With an aim on such target, Hsiang Sang Carbon Enterprise specially introduce every sorts of carbonized products for their features and utilization. Besides, we continuously develop new product to serve different demands of all ranks, we hope that we are able to keep providing customers with better service and quality. You are welcome to give us any comment by calling or mailing us any time so that we may cordially serve you.

The Features of Carbon-Graphite:

1.Self-lubricating, conventional oil are not applicable.
2.High-compressive strength, difficult to become brittle.
3.Non melting at high temperature.
4.Good machinability, easier machined to intricate shapes.
5.High resistance at thermal shock.
6.Chemically intertness. Low permeability.
7.High thermal conductivity. Low thermal expansion.

The Advantage of Carbon-Graphite:
Operating Conditions Conventional Lubricants & Materials The adnantage of Carbon-Graphite
1.High Temperature Lubricate may flood away, vaporized, resolved, or quality changed. The lubrication supplied will absolutely be resolved by melting, vaporizing.
Material strength is decreased. To increase strength.
2.Low Temperature Liquidity or consolidate may decrease caused by low temperature that make material cracked. To keep lubricate.
Black lead is not easily contagious by fragility caused by cold temperature.
3.Contact with Solvents Lubrication may be resolved, flooded away or corroded. No melting.
4.Contact with Chemicals Lubrication may be resolved or reacted. Mostly no reaction.
5.Contamination of material handled Lubrication or polluted agency (liquid or air). Free of pollution.
7.Dry running Fails to use lubrication.
Lubrication must be added into material, otherwise, it stops running or crash.
No need to use lubrication.
Neither stopping nor crash.

: Hsiang Sang Carbon Enterprise Co.,Ltd. was established.
: Graphite mode pressing molding was developed successfully.
: Carbon brush graphite mono molding was developed successfully.
: Set up Factory in Tucheng.
: Graphite of injecting molding of machine use was developed successfully.
: High temperature burned graphite was developed successfully.
: Co-develop high temperature and high pressure graphite products of machine use with Sinica
  Science Institute.
: Distribute and produce graphite products and be the sales of S.G.L.